Center of the World

A short visit may also be a very pleasant visit; depending on company, program and attitude. Destination, after all,  is not so important.

My work is usually quite lonely. Therefore it was pretty nice to visit Kuopio with my colleague Ari who actually used to live in Kuopio and was able to show me some places I did not visit during my previous trips to the town. And in my opinion no matter what to do for living the social environment and frequent meetings and contacts with colleagues working in the same organizational level are the most important occupational issues! So, our program for the evening besides of trying to find the center of the world was ‘walk and talk and beer and food and repeat’.

Kuopio is a capital of Savonia county and has about 112 000 inhabitants. Town is very lively and also one of the Finnish cities that have a university. Kuopio city centre and the market place area are renovated some years ago and the area is really beautiful. There is a good harmony with the market area and the buildings surrounding it.

A statue called ‘Veljmies’ was welcoming us in the market place.

Ravintola Mualiman Napa, restaurant ‘Center of the World‘ in the Kuopio market place was unfortunately closed. Found it!

A poster performing the players of KalPa, the hockey team of Kuopio.

First we had a walk and talk through the city center and after that Ari took me to see the old narrow streets ‘rännikujat’ between the nice wooden buildings nearby.

A view I liked a lot.

Narrow streets led us very easily to our first stop, ravintola Kummisetä, ‘Restaurant Godfather’.

Because we are Finns, we are not shy of chilling weather. We had our pints outside, naturally. No snow – no cold. After enjoying the refreshments we continued the adventure in the wooden part of the city and saw many nice buildings and some…weird sights as well.

This memorial says that in this block there was a native home of the first chairman of the Finnish Labour Party. Politics…not for me, but very interesting memorial.

When walking in different towns and cities I always take a look at public posters, announcements, gig advertisements etc. They tell a lot of culture and naturally about aerial happenings.

Finnish band names need often a lot of imagination to figure out.

Ice hockey is the most popular sport in Finland. Mine is soccer, but anyway I admire some hockey players for their achievements and long careers in NHL. Kimmo Timonen is number one for me. I was a great moment when he won the Stanley Cup in Chicago Black Hawks in his very last NHL season. Great athlete and great person!

A local brewery has labelled a beer for Kimmo Timonen #44.

Thank You Ari for the great Savonia evening!

Cheers ’til the next time. Tiältä tähän.



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