Welcome Mr. Winter,

I’ve been waiting for You!

The first weekend of November 2016. Snow on the ground. Temperature below zero C, many consecutive days. Weird. This doesn’t happen every year. Naturally, in Lapland it happens but here in the southern part of Finland we have used to a slightly different November.

Sipoonkorpi National Park, Finland, November 5th. Great!

I like all our seasons but for me winter is more than a season. Cold, dark, freezing wind on face, lot of snow to slosh…challenging circumstances. Perfect.

This weekend I was out there, getting the first taste of the next winter. Not so cold, only 5-10 cm snow, calm wind…still many hours out there; hiking, setting a fire, warm extra clothing. Thinking, listening to the nature and sparking fire, smelling the coffee and smoke, eating some reindeer meat and sausages.

November moments.

Campfire brings people together. Everybody I saw came to see and feel the fire. Some hellos and smiles, some short words, cold fingers towards the warming fire. Most of them just staring at the living flames that tell stories about the ancient times in the Finnish nature.

Campfire. Connecting people. Properly.

And again. It worked. I knew that. Perfect package of wellness and relaxing. Winter experience out there. Not much, but enough! And nature…is not just nature, it is a state-of-mind.


I still have to wait and wish more white gold to come until my winter season really starts. Snowshoeing. The best way to experience the pure nature…reaching places that only snowshoes may take you, completely silence in snow-covered forests.

Welcome Mr. Winter, I wish You a long, cold and snowy life!



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