Merry Helsinkixmas!

During the year we’ve had dozens of walk-and-talks, “Urban & Nature Hippi & Ulkoholisti benchmarkings”,  outdoor coffee breaks, salmon soups, pancakes, open fire sausages, ideas to solve the problems…global, domestic and personal. So, great moments with a friend. I hope You all have… You cannot appreciate a good friendship too much in a modern digital touch-screen-world.

Today we had our last benchmarking of the year. Our target was Tuomaanmarkkinat – Helsinki Christmas Market at the Senate Square in the city centre. First we had a silent moment for the victims in Berlin Christmas Market. What’s wrong with the world…

Helsinki Christmas Market is performed in a beautiful environment. The cathedral is always awesome and the market place surrounded with historical buildings is also very impressive. You may see the market from the ground level or on the cathedral stairs.

Helsinki Christmas Market; ground level and the stairs-level

There are A lot of small nice cottages selling Finnish handcraft, groceries, hot and cold drinks with some snacks and special pastries. So, just a typical market or something else?

One cottage made us stop for a while to have a chat with the salesperson. A company called Suomen Historiapelit – Finnish Historical Board Games is manufacturing different board games for playing and to learn things of our history. Each game has a theme, either an area or a person (for example Jean Sibelius, a Finnish composer). This is really something very Finnish. I wish all the best for the company and hopefully some games will be produced also in English, especially when we are now heading to “Finland 100 hundred years anniversary” on 2017.

Historical board games made by Suomen Historiapelit

Helsinki city center was very peaceful on December 22 evening. People walking, taking photos, many separate languages, Christmas lights…only the snow is missing. An urban outdoor coffee at Cafe Esplanad, seeing too many busy people. Please, slow down and take a look around, give and get hellos and smiles! It is what the Christmas mood is all about.

Coffee & cinnamon bun and some young people enjoying the city atmosphere.

Some candles to the graveyard and warm mulled wine in the one and only Cafe Regatta.

Cafe Regatta wishes you welcome the whole year around.

Merry Christmas to You All and take care!

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