Pre-Christmas Party, Our way…

Long time no seen…a lot has happen. After running my own company now for ’bout nine months I have some idea of what it needs and takes. It takes time and needs a lot. It takes almost all the time and needs a great deal of my capacity.

But there is nothing to regret, not at all. It takes BUT it also gives! I have met so many great people, had impressive new challenges and experiences that I never could even imagine. Crossing the Arctic Circle still monthly (one of my targets), almost – November did not meet my plans, but next months again will.

As said in a song by The Commitments:”I’m still the same old me, dreaming ’bout the same old dreams..”, the most important things still stay the same. One of them is a frequent meeting with a dear friend Pasi. This Saturday we planned a Pre-Christmas Party, on our own way…Backpacks with some gears and for sure food, a forest named as a “Huggingforest” where you may buy an own tree and then get a license to use the facilities; wood, fireplace, spring water and so on.

After a long and quite a busy week the best way to recover is pure nature. It really gives energy to give up the trash and to make some new plans. Nature has also the ability to open your senses.

Pasi and his tree.

Nature – Forest – Backpacking

Silence – thoughts – discussions

Campfire – Spring water – Coffee ( & maybe some JD’s)

Pike perch – Freshly baked rye bread – Herbs

Smell – Taste – Sound – Friendship

Perfect Pre-Christmas and Quality of Life

Team Hippi & Pasi wishes you a peaceful Pre-Christmas –
take care, meet friends, enjoy life!


“Kuha syötiin!”







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