Tietoja minusta – About me

Dear All,

Welcome to my blog. I am an outdoor animator and wilderness guide placed in Helsinki, Finland. I also have a “proper work” as a lead auditor for management systems but it is so far away from the outdoorlife that  I mention it only once. Here. Now. I also study travelling business and overall tourism, so a lot of my blog is about different places, visiting cities, villages, benchmarking services at urban, rural, wilderness and mixes.

I like nature, sport, photography, music, I like standing on a mountain feeling to be such a small part in the universe. I admire all the four great seasons…and Lapland, the northern Norway and my small island in the south Karelia.

All photos are taken by me except the ones with a mentioning. Some of my text is in Finnish and some in English. There may also occur some Swedish and German.

Btw, my real name is Petri.

“Be a simple kind of man, be something you’ll love and understand” -Lynyrd Skynyrd

I will do my best.


(Photos: Marjukka & Inu)