Pre-Christmas Party, Our way…

Long time no seen...a lot has happen. After running my own company now for 'bout nine months I have some idea of what it needs and takes. It takes time and needs a lot. It takes almost all the time and needs a great deal of my capacity. But there is nothing to regret, not … Continue reading Pre-Christmas Party, Our way…


Wind of Change

"The wind of change Blows straight into the face of time Like a stormwind that will ring the freedom bell For peace of mind..." Scorpions made this song "Wind of Change" when the band was visiting Moscow on 1990. This winter was kind a personal wind of change...letting a safe position as an empolyee go … Continue reading Wind of Change

Make Your Dreams Come True!

Last day of 2016. Last benchmarking with my friend Pasi, The Ulkoholisti. What we did...we decided to benchmark an awakening of Helsinki at the Kauppatori market square in the city center. Awakening of the last day 2016. The Market Square is waking up Morning was beautiful; people building stands on the market, Chinese tourists walking … Continue reading Make Your Dreams Come True!

Merry Helsinkixmas!

During the year we've had dozens of walk-and-talks, "Urban & Nature Hippi & Ulkoholisti benchmarkings",  outdoor coffee breaks, salmon soups, pancakes, open fire sausages, ideas to solve the, domestic and personal. So, great moments with a friend. I hope You all have... You cannot appreciate a good friendship too much in a modern digital … Continue reading Merry Helsinkixmas!


Edellisestä Hippi ja Ulkoholisti benchmarkkaa -palaverista oli jo kulunut aikaa. Joulukuun toisen lauantain iltapäivälle saimme lyhyellä varoitusajalla sovittua pikaisen tapaamisen, joka kuitenkin venyi. Onneksi. Maailma on taas hitusen parempi...tai ainakin itse voimme paremmin. Virallinen osuus sisälsi ruokaa. Hyvä niin. Tsekkasimme tapaamisen aluksi Vuosaaren Uutelassa sijaitsevan Kampelan legendaarisen lounaan. Paikka oli raskaan työviikon ja aika monen … Continue reading Patikkapalaveri

Welcome Mr. Winter,

I've been waiting for You! The first weekend of November 2016. Snow on the ground. Temperature below zero C, many consecutive days. Weird. This doesn't happen every year. Naturally, in Lapland it happens but here in the southern part of Finland we have used to a slightly different November. Sipoonkorpi National Park, Finland, November 5th. … Continue reading Welcome Mr. Winter,