Pre-Christmas Party, Our way…

Long time no seen...a lot has happen. After running my own company now for 'bout nine months I have some idea of what it needs and takes. It takes time and needs a lot. It takes almost all the time and needs a great deal of my capacity. But there is nothing to regret, not … Continue reading Pre-Christmas Party, Our way…


Wind of Change

"The wind of change Blows straight into the face of time Like a stormwind that will ring the freedom bell For peace of mind..." Scorpions made this song "Wind of Change" when the band was visiting Moscow on 1990. This winter was kind a personal wind of change...letting a safe position as an empolyee go … Continue reading Wind of Change

Merry Helsinkixmas!

During the year we've had dozens of walk-and-talks, "Urban & Nature Hippi & Ulkoholisti benchmarkings",  outdoor coffee breaks, salmon soups, pancakes, open fire sausages, ideas to solve the, domestic and personal. So, great moments with a friend. I hope You all have... You cannot appreciate a good friendship too much in a modern digital … Continue reading Merry Helsinkixmas!